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In today's business environment in most sectors of the economy the value of the brand (trademark) dominates among the other assets of companies. And this intangible assets provides strong and stable market company' positions in the fight for the consumer.
The first rating of national brands, "UkrBrand - TOP 50 National Brands", was released in 2007. Today, it covers all major sectors of the economy in which there are Ukrainian brands. Rating takes into account the state of economic sectors of Ukraine, as well as the risks and prospects of development of segments and business areas for the next five years.
In fact, the ranking of brands is an indicator of consumer preferences among major national brands, as well as medium-term market prospects of the nation's leading companies.
From the point of view of economy, rating indicates the real market value of the most popular national brands.
The main feature of the rating of national brands is that in the ranking include the only cost of the brand (name), excluding production facilities, infrastructure, patents, inventions and other tangible or intellectual property.
In 2010, launched a project evaluation of national brands in other European countries.
The project "TOP National Brands" is implemented with the support of the agency MPP Consulting. More about the agency>>>
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